‘6 Monster Books that You Won’t Be Able to Put Down’


‘In Greek mythology, the three Gorgon sisters are deadly monsters. Though eldest sister Stheno is the most prolific killer of the trio, serpent-haired Medusa is the most famous today. By some accounts, the Gorgons could kill any man who dared to look into their eyes. These scary sisters are not the only beasts of Greek mythology: Charybdis and Scylla are sea monsters. The little-known Empusa is a lovely shape-shifting demigoddess who transforms into a monstrous creature and devours sleeping young men. Typhon, the so-called patriarch of all monsters, is part human, part dragon, and part serpent. Monsters have always fascinated humans. Aren’t you glad they’re confined to books and stories? Here are six monster books that will scare you from cover to cover!


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