Celebrating Shakespeare – why bother?


‘As the 400th anniversary of his death approaches, why should we bother celebrating Shakespeare? After all, he was only a playwright. And we don’t take to the streets to whoop it up for Chaucer, Jonson or Bacon.

Shakespeare has a reputation as being the preserve of the trite middle classes who like to shoehorn a misquote or two into ordinary conversation. Or students swotting over King Lear for their GCSEs.

Indoctrination (his work is compulsory on the National Curriculum for English) and a fear of appearing uncultured may lead people to keep quiet about their antipathy or indifference, leaving the way clear for “bardolators” to indulge.

Yes, he was a talented chap – but how did Shakespeare become the “fifth greatest Briton” of all time?’

Make up your mind by reading more!


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